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Author's Reflection

A Leap of Faith

Life has challenged me far beyond what I could have imagined since I wrote these articles for the local newspaper a decade ago. These years were spent confronting, breaking down and deeply healing the limitations that clouded my souls purpose. The complete collapse of my body brought me close death as my mental and emotional being was ripped asunder in the qwake of losing control of my body and life as I knew it. I was challenged to view life differently and no matter how hard I tried to have certainty; I was forced live in each moment not knowing what the next moment would bring. With this came a reawakened appreciation for the preciousness of life and the gifts within each experience.

It is an understatement to say that the process of evolution and deepening into our soul is humbling and revealing. Over and over again life asks us to give up our conceived notions about how it should be. Instead we are asked to open up to the infinite creative potential that lies in front of us while we relinquish our attachments. Our lives are a full and rich array of circumstances that can bring us closer to our nature when we have the skills and awareness to embrace the unknown.

Revisiting the "Cycle of Life Journeys" is both humbling and inspiring. I am struck by how we can receive the same insights again and again. Yet, with time and commitment to our evolutionary growth there is a deepening and greater connection to our soul and the wisdom that comes from these insights. Sometimes the simplest of teachings can affect us in the most profound way. I find that as I read these journeys I am challenged to rekindle the flame of commitment and perseverance in my life. They are a reminder to live what my heart and soul aspire to in each moment. May these journeys stimulate your interest in delving deeper into your authentic nature and your soul's purpose!

April 2006
Kerani Marie Devi

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